The Crunchy Urbanite is Chris Michael, a 30-something wannabe-off-the-gridder, living very much on the grid in New York City.

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I spend my days working at an advertising agency, helping to convince millions of Americans what’s best for them. One day, I decided to find out for myself. This blog is about my ongoing adventures in healthier, more sustainable living — even if it’s someplace where health and sustainability can feel like the last thing on anyone’s mind. The Crunchy Urbanite is meant to be an ongoing collection of everything from urban homesteading to recipes and natural remedies. Nothing here is necessarily new, but the result of years of reading, eating, trial and error, and farming in my 300-square-foot free time.

Hopefully this blog can serve to help other urbanites, and suburbanites, and country-ites on their personal paths to becoming just a little more crunchy themselves. If you’d like to contact me, drop me an email at thecrunchyurbanite@gmail.com. Or better yet, connect with The Crunchy Urbanite on PinterestFacebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Chris is a political humorist and cartoonist for The Huffington Post. His work has appeared on Salon, Funny Or Die, and others. He is also the creator of The Misfit Penguin. You can follow his comedy on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I’ve just found you through instructables..but if you haven’t you should try a worm condo, I’ve had excellent results, also bokashi but only small scale, that took me forever to get figured out. Moving from a large farm to a small condo in a totally different environment.. I’m learning all over 🙂

  2. I have only one question…..How in the world did you come up with “the Crunchy Urbanite?” So while I wait for your answer, I’m leaving now to buy ingredients to make your mild Castile soap. 🙂

    • Ha. Well, “urbanite” because I live in the middle of Manhattan island, and “crunchy” because it’s one of those slang terms for granola people. I suppose out of context, it makes me sound like I over-starch my shirts. Or am in serious need of a shower. Speaking of which! How’d the soapmaking turn out?

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