Salt & Soda Scrub

All-natural Salt & Soda scrub recipe

There’s no reason to buy posh face and body scrubs — oftentimes filled with more than meets the eye — when you can make your own organic, spa-quality scrub right at home. And just as effective at removing dirt, oil, and dull skin.

All you need are three ingredients:

Add equal parts salt and baking soda into a plastic dish. (I say plastic because I take mine right into the shower with me, and accidents can happen.) Then mash an equal part of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap in, forming a paste. If the paste is still on dry side, you can add water.

That’s it.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself recipes for exfoliating scrubs available online. Many of which use sugar. I personally feel that while sugar may sound luxurious to some, our bodies are so inundated with it on a daily basis — from sweets to breads to booze — that using it, even superficially, can affect your body’s pH and make you all the more delicious to sugar-loving flora like yeast.

4 responses to “Salt & Soda Scrub

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  2. Does it matter that baking soda has a much higher ph level than skin? I’ve been doing a similar scrub for a few years, but recently read that baking soda should not be used on your face! Just curious?!

    • Never heard of that. Did some sleuthing after you mentioned it and there seem to be an equal amount of posts on the interwebz that make claims in both camps. And none from anything remotely well-known. Baking soda has never given me any issues, but I say if you use it and notice any reactions, probably best to quit using it.

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